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Smokecloak Security Smoke Systems

The Smoke Security Device is a powerful artificial fog generator our preferred system is the Smokecloak brand and is constructed to work seamlessly together with existing alarm installations. Security Smoke Systems can be used in different environments to protect high value goods, drug storage, confidential records and other sensitive areas.

Security Smoke Systems produce a vapour which is harmless to humans, animals and property and is used in thousands of sites in the United Kingdom and around the world. The smoke vapour is made using pharmaceutical/food grade glycols found in toothpaste, deodorants and wines

A thief is unable to steal what he can not see, Smokecloak is an effective deterrent to theft.

On activation a Smokecloak unit will fill the protected area with a vapour cloud until visibility is reduced to about 30 centimetres.  If the density should drop for any reason the cloak sensor will sense this drop and will reactivate the Smokecloak unit, continuing to protect your property until the alarm is switched off by an authorised person.

Have a look at a short video clip of Smokecloak in action: Video

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