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Automatic Door Operators

Automatic Door Operators not only provide ease of access, but when used with an Access Control system increase security. Providing people with adequate access to a building is no longer a matter of choice, it is a legal requirement under the Disability Discrimination Act.

CDI Services can specify, install and maintain automatic door openers to meet your security and legal requirements.  


Access to Goods and Services: From 1 October 2004 the final access duties under Part 3 of the DDA (Access to Goods, Facilities and Services) will be in place. Service providers in the private, public or voluntary sectors will need to take reasonable steps to remove, alter, or provide a reasonable means of avoiding any physical feature of premises which makes access to a service impossible or unreasonably difficult for disabled people. Where no physical adjustments could be considered reasonable, a service provider can meet his duties by providing a service by another means.

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